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China MCC Holds Activities to Promote 2020 Interim Results
CopyFrom: Date:11 November 2020
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  In recent years, China MCC has insisted on the strategic positioning of "being the national team of metallurgical construction, the main force of infrastructure construction, and the frontrunner of emerging industries, with long-term adherence to the path toward high-tech and high-quality development", and has formally entered a new stage of "high-quality development".  Especially in the first half of 2020, in face of the COVID-19 pandemic, China MCC has risen to the challenges, resumed work and production while strictly implementing pandemic prevention and control measures, and achieved double-digit growth of major economic indicators such as the amount of newly signed contracts, revenues and net profits.

  With the important instructions of Chairman Guo Wenqing, preliminary planning and careful arrangements, China MCC organized a series of promotional activities on the interim results of 2020, so as to further increase publicity and promotion in the capital market, and to strengthen communication with various institutions. On August 31, China MCC held the 2020 Interim Results Announcement at its Beijing headquarters by means of a live meeting, webcast and telephone talks.  Attendees included Zhang Mengxing, Party Committee Deputy Secretary and President of MCC Group and China MCC, Zou Hongyin, Vice President and Chief Accountant of MCC, Zeng Gang, Secretary of the Board, Fan Wanzhu, Deputy Chief Accountant and Director of Planning and Finance and other leaders. The leaders had extensive communication with nearly 100 investors and analysts from more than 60 institutions at home and abroad, including China International Capital Corporation (CICC), Guosheng Securities, Huatai Securities, Bank of China, Bank of Beijing, S&P Global Ratings, and Hong Kong Zhongcai Asset Management Limited, and financial media reporters from China Securities Journal and Securities Daily, through multiple online and offline channels. At the conference, President Zhang Mengxing, on behalf of China MCC, expressed his gratitude to the participants and gave a detailed introduction on the interim results, business deployment, resumption of work against the COVID-19 pandemic, reform of state-owned enterprises and future outlook, as well as an in-depth elaboration and detailed answers on the issues of gross profit margin, real estate, steel structure and prefabricated building which were of concern to investors.  On the same day, China MCC released the "Half-Yearly Report 2020 of China MCC in One Picture" through its WeChat official account, publicizing the highlights of the company's performance in a readable graphics context and providing extensive coverage to the capital market, industry colleagues and the general public.

  From September 1 to September 4, Zou Hongying, Vice President and Chief Accountant, and Fan Wanzhu, Deputy Chief Accountant and Director of the Planning and Finance Department, respectively led two roadshow teams consisting of the Office of the Board, the Planning and Finance Department and the Treasury Department to conduct roadshows in Beijing,  Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, and had face-to-face communication with a number of important financial institutions such as CICC, CITIC Securities, Harvest Fund, ChinaAMC, Bosera Funds, CUAM, Fullgoal Fund and Perseverance Asset Management, as well as international rating agencies such as Moody's and S&P Global Ratings. The roadshow teams exchanged views on China MCC's 2020 interim results, business development, the reform of SOEs in China, and future prospects with multiple institutions and professionals, listening to their views on the construction industry and paying attention to their opinions and suggestions on the industry optimization, corporate reform, capital operation and market value management.

  In addition, in order to intensify the communication with regulators, the roadshow teams visited the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) during the Shanghai roadshow and met with Cai Jianchun, General Manager of SSE, Liu Shaotong, Deputy General Manager of SSE, and relevant functional agencies to report in detail the half-yearly operating results, reform and development, corporate governance, capital operation, information disclosure, and other related work, as well as the future plans and initiatives, which was highly affirmed and strongly supported by the regulators.  The roadshow teams also attended the simultaneous offline investment strategy sessions held by Essence Securities and Founder Securities and communicated and exchanged views with various financial institutions to ensure the effect and coverage of the interim results promotional activities.

  Since 2020, CMC has strengthened investor relations through various measures, especially through enhancing communication with investors, analysts, and financial media.  Before and after the release of the results, a number of important securities firms, including CICC, CITIC Securities, Huatai Securities, Guosheng Securities, Everbright Securities, Essence Securities, Guotai Junan Securities and Northeast Securities, issued research reports on China MCC and gave positive ratings such as "Overweight". In addition, China Securities Journal, Securities Daily, Securities Times and other mainstream financial media wrote a number of reports on the company's performance, which were reprinted by many media and received good feedback from the market.

  After the entrance of a new stage of "high-quality development" that brings increasingly record-high performance, China MCC will continue to enrich and strengthen various investor relations activities, expand the forms and channels of communication, and enhance multi-level and multi-dimensional communication with shareholders, investors, regulators and financial media, so as to promote the company as a listed central enterprise that is responsible, respected and trustworthy.


  Scene of the interim results announcement


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