Road Show of MCC Limited Convened in Hongkong
CopyFrom:Site author Date:24 November 2009
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A road show of MCC Limited was convened in Hong Kong from November 19 to November 21, 2009. Vice President & CFO Li Shiyu, Vice CFO Zou Hongying, Zhao Ruixiong, BOD Secretary of MCC Group & Director-General for BOD Secretariat of MCC Limited, Director-General Li Pengcheng for Development Planning of MCC Limited, attended the road show in Hong Kong just after they finished the Morgan Stanley Asia Pacific Summit in Singapore. MCC delegation held quite a few one-on-one meetings with various institutional investors. They made introduction to the new and the regular investors on MCC’s development situation, financial performance, latest progress of various business sectors and business prospects in the future, and answered lots of questions raised by the investors. Through the elaboration by the roadshow team, all the institutional investors acquired full confidence on MCC Limited and gave full recognition on this road show.
The road show in Hong Kong was co-organized by Morgan Stanley, Wonderful Sky Financial Group and the Investor Relations Dept. under BOD Office of MCC Limited. The staff for Investor Relations, including Qiu Ziyu, Song Lei, Wei Hao and Guo Tongyin, participated the whole process of the road show.


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