MCC Organized 2015 Interim Results Communication Meetings
CopyFrom: Date:09 September 2015
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On August 25th and 26th, MCC held its 2015 interim results communication meetings in Beijing and Hong Kong respectively. Zhang Zhaoxiang, President of MCC, together with senior management of the Company and relevant department heads attended the meetings, conducting face-to-face communication with over 30 domestic and overseas institutional investors and analysts from CICC and Morgan Stanley etc., as well as more than 10 financial media agencies including China Securities Journal, Securities Daily and Ta Kung Pao.

       After business indicators achieved growth against unfavorable market environment in 2014, MCC delivered sound results again for the first half of 2015. The operating revenue of MCC amounted to RMB100.69 billion, representing an increase of 4.7% year on year; net profit attributable to equity holders of the Company amounted to RMB2.17 billion, representing an increase of 20.1% year on year; earnings per share were RMB0.11, up by 22.2% year on year. The Company occupied the 326th place in “Fortune 500”, and the 10th in “Top 250 International Contractors” by the US Engineering News-Record.

        At the meetings, Xiao Xuewen, Vice President and Secretary to the Board of Directors of MCC, introduced the overall conditions of the Group’s 2015 interim results and business development, while President Zhang expressed sincere gratitude to domestic and overseas investors, analysts and financial media for their continuous support. In addition, the management of the Company responded to questions concerning the Company’s business development for investors, analysts and financial media agencies.

         President Zhang pointed out that, MCC currently is in the stage of comprehensive revitalization and leapfrog development. Facing uncertainties of the general environment, the Company captured opportunities to optimize business structure and improve its profitability, development potential and competitiveness. In the Future, the Company will continue to adhere to innovation-driven development, maintaining stable growth during transformation and upgrading, so as to contribute to building MCC into a “National Team”, a world-class metallurgical construction and operation service provider, and to create new value for shareholders.

          From August 26 to 28, the Company’s results communication team visited over 10 institutional investors including Blackrock, Value Partners, and Prime Capital Management, conducting one-on-one exchange activity concerning the Company’s development. The institutional investors highly valued measures the Group had taken in respect of business performance promotion, management reformation acceleration and so on, and agreed with the strategic thinking behind the creation of such a 'National Team'. They expressed their confidence in the future of MCC while also making some suggestions from the perspective of investors for the next step in the development of the company.


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